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When Dorothy found her new home in Rye, New York, she was told she’d never be able to renovate without costly upgrades that would surely be demanded by Rye’s building inspector. Her 1930s colonial-style home would take thousands to be up to today’s standards in building code, warned the advising attorney. Moving from New York City with her husband and two small children, they were seeking a new home with more space for their growing family. The house they found sat on a corner lot with enough room for future additions and the potential for a finished basement. While it lacked a much-needed first-floor powder room, they took the home in a whirlwind, selling their NYC home and buying their new home on the same day, which also happened to be the day before school started. And that’s where Dorothy found her second opinion-at school in Rye. While dropping off their kids in the morning, Dorothy met Kelly Solon of Murdock Solon Architects and explained her desire to have a first-floor powder room, as well as her fears of costly additional updates required to obtain the building permit. She was told, she explained, that she may even need to add Read more

Selections from ICFF

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The Murdock Solon Architects staff attended the 27th Annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York City May 16-19. With more than 600 exhibitors, the range of styles, materials, and talent was paramount. Below are a few of the trends spotted and favorites selected by Murdock Solon Architects.  BOLD, BRIGHT, AND GEOMETRIC 1. Tilework was exceptional this year, and we especially appreciated the patterns from Ornamenta, an Italian company. 2. We couldn't help but be mesmerized by the gorgeous wallpapers from Calico. The brand's exquisite gradients would add life to any room. MESH COVERED AND LINEAR LIGHTING 3. The unique designs of Metropolis Factory certainly brightened our day, which included the Titus Drum Light shown above. 4. Certainly an ongoing trend, linear light fixtures were in abundance this year. Our favorites included Stickbulb, AlexAllen Studio, and Luke Lamp Co. 5. For larger scale spaces, we appreciated the minimalist designs by Apparatus.  RETRO RETURNS 6. We were thrilled to see the return of the Drop™ chair by Fritz Hansen. Originally a 1958 design, the chair is now available again in six different colors.   7. We also welcome from a bit further back old porcelan light switches from Fontini. Their unique look adds a Read more

Enter the Office Nook

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New York City homes often do not have space for a full office. Therefore, it is often necessary to be creative and utilize any space available. This week, Houzz featured Murdock Solon Architects in its article "Enter the Office Nook."

Decorating for a $1

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NYC Architect - Decorating for a $1

In the New York Times last week, Jesse McKinley describes his own attempts at interior design in his home with the best, and maybe worst, from dollar stores. He describes the growing business of peddling items for a $1 or at least a dollar amount ending in .99. While attracted to items he never knew he needed or too many of one item he actually maybe did need, he describes the need for constraint and eventual purging. 

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