New Project: 333 Lobby

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If you're near 7th Avenue and 28th/29th Street in New York City, you'll see one of Murdock Solon Architect's latest projects – the refacing and lobby redesign of 333 7th Avenue. 

Built in 1920, this 21-story office building was ready for a fresh, more modern look. Murdock Solon Architects began by increasing the amount of light that entered the 850-square-foot space. A new glass facade with a varied frit pattern created a unique exterior marker for the building and allowed more sunlight to enter  the interior. 

To better handle the lobby's intense traffic, a new revolving door, new entrance doors, and elevator upgrades helped improve the flow through the space. As guests enter, new interior designs and finishes provide a much more modern greeting. Warmth is created by new light fixtures and a custom-built wood reception desk. 

Lastly, building upgrades including HVAC supply, sprinkler heads, signage, and the security system complete the renovation of the space. 


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